Government Relations

Government Relations

Government Relations

Government relations is a complex, interwoven series of connections that broadly influence all areas of governance as it relates to public policy, programs and a government’s budgetary priorities. At the heart of government relations is the education of policymakers about innovative technological developments and business solutions or services that may have a positive impact on public programming if procured and successfully implemented by government authorities.

Government relations is defined as the process of influencing public policy at all levels of governance: local, regional, national, and even global. Government relations aims to persuade government officials to change or maintain policy to more effectively fit the needs of a particular group.

Our services include: 

SERVICES: Government Relations

  • Designing and delivering fully integrated evidenced based political campaigns at the national, devolved or local levels.
  • Political intelligence gathering and analysis.
  • Setting up and establishing the right vehicle for your requirements such as All Party Parliamentary Groups.
  • Strategic political counsel.
  • Select Committee appearances and training.


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