Local Government & Devolved Administrations

Local Government & Devolved Administrations

Local Government & Devolved Administrations

Devolution is about transferring some powers of central government to local or regional administrations. It puts decision-making power closer to the citizen so they can have more say over issues that affect their life. Other powers are retained by the UK Parliament, and the distinction between them can be complex.

Capital Counsel knows local government inside out with more than a decade’s experience of working in senior positions in the sector. We know the sector, the people and how local government works. If you would like to engage or work with local government we can help advise on the best possible route to do this and how to achieve your goals.

We also have extensive first-hand experience of working with the devolved parliaments, governments and agencies in Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast.

Our services include: 

SERVICES: Local Government & Devolved Administrations

  • Engage with Local Government
  • Work with Local Government
  • Advice & Consultancy


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